[OT] SynOptics 810M PowerSupply problems

From: Sipke de Wal <sipke_at_wxs.nl>
Date: Wed Dec 19 12:34:40 2001

Hi Folks,

Propably not yet 10y old so slightly OT. yet .....

I got a SynOptics 810M ethernethub about 9 month
ago and it served me fine till two weeks back.

When I came home all the power was down because
the groundleak protection was triggerd.

Eventually it turned out to be the powersupply of this
hub that went bad on me. I want to replace it with
another psu but I can't find any info on the way
the ps2-like powerplug is wired.

The 810M needs +5V +12V -12V 0V and ground

Does anyone, familiar with this device, have a clue ???

Sipke de Wal
Received on Wed Dec 19 2001 - 12:34:40 GMT

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