Heath h-8

From: Bob Brown <bbrown_at_harper.cc.il.us>
Date: Thu Dec 20 11:32:42 2001

Where is this h8 web site? I saved an H8 from the landfill a while back..
just a system, no peripherasls...seems to work, but I don't know what to do
with it..no documentation at all.



>Ok guys, another project (yes, I really do have this many)... :)
>I have a Heath H-8. Seems to work. Thanks to the help of a guy who runs
>the only H-8 dedicated web-site I can find, I now believe that the thing has
>an "H-17" hard-sectored floppy interface, as well as a 4 port serial
>Now, keying in programs from the front-panel is cool and everything, but I'm
>thinking of putting a console on it, and a disk drive, so that I can run
>HDOS, and maybe have some external storage. ;)
>So, how rare are the peripherals? In the absence of a heath floppy drive,
>what else might I use(and how...)? Anyone know where I can get one?
>I have a Lier-Siegler ADM-5 terminal, which I may want to plug into it (It's
>the closest thing to authentic I've got... :), but on the other hand, again,
>how rare are the Heath terminals?
>Assuming I ever get all of these things, the last question would be: Would
>anybody be willing to make a copy of HDOS? Otherwise is there a possibility
>I can download it from somewhere and actually get it on a disk properly?
>Another interesting question is this: My H-8 has a strange wire-wrapped
>breadboard, on top of what appears to be a normal 8080 CPU card. The
>breadboard contains a Z80 cpu, and plugs into the CPU socket of the 8080 CPU
>card. Any guesses about this? Might this mean I can run CP/M with some
>toying around? (Did CP/M ever run on these?)
>Christopher Smith, Perl Developer
>Amdocs - Champaign, IL
>/usr/bin/perl -e '
>print((~"\x95\xc4\xe3"^"Just Another Perl Hacker.")."\x08!\n");

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