C64 vs. Spectrum (was Re: Hardest to Find Classic Computers ( SX64))

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Date: Thu Dec 20 03:56:39 2001

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> Don't go near comp.sys.sinclair. "Commode" users get slammed
> there on a
> regular basis -- and hard.
Conversely, don't go near any of the cbm newsgroups either; sometimes the
arguments plunge to new depths of childishness, and more often than not the
cbm-ers get their internet buddies to troll c.s.s till people start leaving.

> The general opinion seems to be that the C64 folks stole the
> best games
> from the Spec, and cut price to run Sinclair out of the market.

For me the C64 was too expensive when I was Speccy buying, and I only got
*that* because I sold my ZX81.

I'm not gonna say any more - might start another flamewar :)

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