DEC bus driver/receiver chips

From: Pete Turnbull <>
Date: Thu Dec 20 17:33:15 2001

On Dec 20, 12:55, Carlini, Antonio wrote:

> The obvious places to look
> would be and
> but neither seem to have that particular
> printset.

David has very kindly scanned the M8650 (Asynchronous Data Interface) and
related parts printset and put them up on Now I think I know
what is wrong with my board, and I'm off to fix it :-)

> I do have access to a 600dpi scanner
> that can do up to 11"x17" and I've
> scanned printsets with it successfully.
> But I don't have that one - or anything
> PDP-8 related ... anyone have WT78
> printsets or docs? :-)

That would be nice -- I have a VT/78 but no docs.

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