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From: Hans B Pufal <>
Date: Thu Dec 20 15:30:45 2001

Bill Sudbrink wrote:

> Sellam quoted on
> And not badly mangled either!

Which reminds me that Sellam is also mentioned in New Scientist (a
british publication) dated 15 Dec. The article is a review of
Christine Finn's book mentioned on the list previously.

 From the review:

There are many privately held collections. Still in his twenties, Sellam
  Ismail is nostalgic for the machines of his childhood and obsesivly
collects them. He owns a vinatge computer warehouse containing
everything form Altairs to Sinclair ZX80's. He also hunts out software,
and is often called upon to recover "lost" data form old machines.
Finding the right operating system is already like stumbling upon the
Rosetta Stone.

  - end citation

I might quibble a littel with the wording.....

  -- hbp
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