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Jeff_at_ubertechnoid wrote

> Nope. This winged, rocket-propelled, and tv-guided bomb sank an Italian
> battleship late in the war. The British called it the 'Chase me Charlie'
> bomb. It was pretty effective when used by a trained crew. It was guided
> from the launching aircraft by an operator with a joystick.

Thanks Jeff, it's a while since I read the Wireless World article on the
me Charlie" bomb and I think your're right about the sinking of an Italian

I know it's off topic, but it's quite a feat of engineering stuffing tubes
(valves) into
shells or bombs. I'm still curious as to how the RF proximity fuses worked.

Missile guidance computers are probably a valid topic for discussion on
Anybody read Jack Volders paper on the Cordic algorithm ? A true classic.

BTW would a "classic algorithm" thread be a valid topic for classiccmp ?
It would make a good read and it would be educational too.

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