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From: Eric Dittman <dittman_at_dittman.net>
Date: Thu Dec 20 15:26:53 2001

> > At one place I worked we had a 9-track tape drive that would take full
> > size reels, and used a simple hub instead of a takeup reel. I always
> > expected to have the tape despool on the takeup hub, but it never did.
> I would have expected it, too, even after seeing a TS03 run.

Even more so as the drive was mounted vertically. I'd not have been so
worried if the drive was mounted horizontally.

> > > > > > In fact, next week I'm picking up a table-top 9-track SCSI drive
> > > > > > for $75.
> > I can now read TK50, TK70, DLT (up to 20/40GB), DAT (up to 4/8GB), 8mm
> > (2GB and 5GB), 3480, and 3490 at home (plus some of the QIC and Travan,
> > but I forget which as they aren't connected).
> I think I'm limited to (from that list) TK50, DAT (DDS-1 and DDS-2),
> 8mm (2Gb only) and some QIC (6250, IIRC). I can add to that DECtape
> (TU56), DECtape-II (TU58) and DECcassette (TU60 - digital cassettes
> like Sellam was describing here recently).
> > Next drive to find is the TU58.
> Trade a TU58 (dual mech from inside an 11/730) for a 9-track SCSI?

No thanks. I just got this thing, and I actually need to read 9-track
tapes. :-)
Eric Dittman
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