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It was true, we had examples like that in our training manuals in the AF for
missile school, to show inovations and how the present day missiles have
moved up (back in 76) - even though we still had AIM-4F Falcons that were
about the biggest hunk of crap - tubes that were non-functional in certain
climates, cracks in glass envelopes, etc.

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The Japanese developed a remote guided bomb as well, but apparently it was
easily "jammed" by turning on en electric shaver.

Just a story I read from an old '50's book on guided missles and rockets.

         - Matt

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>Interenting topic. How the hell do you build electronics that survives
>Got any technical info on RF proximity fuses ? I read somewhere that they
>used the capacitance between shell nozecone and target to pull the osc off
>frequency, a bit like a Theramin.
>BTW, the Germans developed a remotely controlled TV guided bomb during WW2.
>Luckily for the allies the picture broke up as the bomb approached its
>development was stopped.

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