VS4000 hardware questions

From: Doc Shipley <doc_at_mdrconsult.com>
Date: Fri Dec 21 09:59:23 2001

 Well, I made room on my bench, opened up my grubby, new-to-me 4000/60,
and it only has one of the two RZ24 drives my partner paid for. I've
fired off email to the vendor asking him to ship the drive and mounting
hardware, but I don't expect that he'll have either.
 What does DEC call the flat metal plate that the hard disk bolts onto?
"Mounting bracket"? Does anyone have a spare? I figure I'll have to
settle for a newer narrow SCSI drive and the price of the mounting
hardware, if it's available.
 Lastly, while I'm wading through all the Google hits, are there any
good reference sites for this box? This is the first 4000 I've been
into, and I'd like a map.

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