CD32 and CD-TV (was Re: Hardest to Find Classic Computers)

From: Matt London <>
Date: Fri Dec 21 14:09:20 2001


> Speaking of the A570, has anyone got a spare PSU for one?

I've got an A570 here - the A570/A500/A500+/A600/A1200 PSU's are

> > The other thing I wouldn't mind getting is a replacement CD-TV. I
> > had one that I bought new for $800 that was stolen when my house was
> > burglarized 9 years ago - they got my A500 (with WEDGE XT
> Short of epay I've only ever seen one CDTV and I snapped it up, then went on
> a crusade to find the remote and mouse that were missing, found an unused
> remote on epay for ukp12 and he threw in a used mouse and an unused boxed
> mouse too :)

I'm after one ATM :&)

I might finally give up and just get a normal CD player, and use my A570
for any CDTV games I get.

-- Matt

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