ROM preservation

From: Christopher Smith <>
Date: Fri Dec 21 14:26:22 2001

I've been thinking recently that I should possibly get a ROM reader/writer
so that I can preserve the ROMs out of all my old parts, and I was wondering
whether anyone had some experiences (good or bad) with any different

Which programmers are good, which aren't so good, and why?

Where is the best place to get one, and which is the best to get on a tight

What about making your own? (Note that I think this may be an interesting
project, but I'd really rather put my time into other things right now, so
this is near the bottom on my list of options...)

One called "Leaper 3" interests me because of its ability to copy one ROM to
another without any kind of computer hookup, which I imagine might be
useful, but I know nothing else about it.



Christopher Smith, Perl Developer
Amdocs - Champaign, IL

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