ROM preservation (Data I/O system 19)

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Date: Fri Dec 21 15:35:10 2001

Dave McGuire writes:

> If you're serious about programmable devices, Data I/O is the only
> real choice in my opinion. The company's policies leaves a bit to be
> desired...their software updates are prohibitively expensive, and it's
> nearly impossible to use their earlier programmers without docs
> because you need to translate chip part numbers to "device numbers" to
> enter into the programmer...but other than that the boxes are great.

I agree with Dave, Data I/O were, and probably still are, THE recommended
manufacturer for programmers. The system 19 with the Unipack fitted will
program 16, 18, 20, 24 and 28 pin DIL packages. It will also handle 2704's
and 2708's with odd programming voltages.

If anyone ever needs any help with this programmer I've got the manuals
including schematics.

Chris Leyson
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