[geeks] IBM RS/6000 7012-3XX

From: Doc <doc_at_mdrconsult.com>
Date: Fri Dec 21 16:35:16 2001

On Fri, 21 Dec 2001, William S . wrote:

> Assuming I find one:
> 1. How important is it that it have a key?

Either have a key or "mknod /dev/big_screwdriver" and be handy with a
soldering iron. The key not only locks the cabinet, but controls the
boot sequence. You need it.

> 2. How important is it that it have media
> or able to boot up? (Can I download and install
> the appropriate version somewhere?)

The 7012 series will run at least up to version 4.3.3 AIX. NT PPC will
NOT run (yay). Not downloadable, but non-commercial AIX afficionados
tend to be generous. Um, Not every 512-byte CD drive will boot on that
box. Any Plextor, any IBM-badged reader, and the older NECs will work.
Most any 8mm tape drive. If you have an 8mm DAT tape drive, a
borrowed mksysb image (bootable full-system backup) tape will probably
be the easiest way to get up & running.

> 3. What is an approximate cash value?

I just today brought home a 7012-340 with 2 350M drives, 2 graphics
adapters (I dunno why) ethernet, and 2 64M memory boards for $15. I just
wanted the video card.

> 4. Are components easy to come by or should
> I really take a look to make sure everything
> is there?

Some things you will want to consider.
The 320 & 32h need proprietary serial cables. I can supply pinouts.
They, as well as a few others, also have a proprietary external SCSI
interface. It looks like a 68-pin connector, but it's not.
If it has a 2-or-3 slot graphics adapter and that is IBM-branded, it's a
Sabine card and is useless in verions >3.25.
Disks aren't a problem, any standard SCSI narrow, <2G will work. You may
have to tape it in.
RAM cards & SIMMs are proprietary. RAM cards are also somewhat model
specific. The card from a 320 won't work in a 350. But they look a lot
 I'm probably forgetting stuff.
 The 350 is MUCH faster than the 320 & 340, and the 370 is much faster
than that. Not a linear progression, and the price progression isn't

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