[geeks] IBM RS/6000 7012-3XX

From: Enrico Badella <enrico.badella_at_softstar.it>
Date: Sat Dec 22 08:02:57 2001

"William S ." wrote:
> I will be heading to a computer market tomorrow
> in Amsterdam and am on the lookout for an
> IBM RS/6000 7012-3XX type box.
> I found quite a bit of technical information
> at the IBM web site but was interested in a few
> other details.
> Assuming I find one:
> 1. How important is it that it have a key?

moderate, if it is locked you will have to crack the case. I
did it on four 320H; the first one was tough to understand the
best way
to avoid breaking everything

> 2. How important is it that it have media
> or able to boot up? (Can I download and install
> the appropriate version somewhere?)

You can only run AIX on these; well at least last year when I got
mine. I installed AIX 4.2.1; works decently if you don't use X;
in that case if you are patient you can even use Netscape, I did it!

> 3. What is an approximate cash value?

I would say nothing!

> 4. Are components easy to come by or should
> I really take a look to make sure everything
> is there?

You can use PS/2 type keyboards and mice if you install AIX 4.x. If
it comes with AIX 3.x you will need a real IBM keyboard.

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