[geeks] IBM RS/6000 7012-3XX

From: Sipke de Wal <sipke_at_wxs.nl>
Date: Sat Dec 22 11:22:49 2001

I kinda expected that already. There this organisation
that organizes these PC-dumpdagen. You'll have to pay
17,50 Guilders (around $7,50) for entrance and it's PC-stuff mainly.
A lot of "new" surplus from the last few years can be found.
Some second-hand laptops (486 and up) and only occasionaly
some vintage stuff out of a disrespectfull scrapbox and mostly
not very facinating.

I would have told you but ? only awoke after 13:00CEST so I read
your reply-mail too late .... Alas.....................

The FreeMarkets at 'Koninginnedag' (30-April) in Amsterdam and
other major Dutch cities will offer you more interesting material than

Sipke de Wal

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> Well, the market was disappointing: It was dominated
> by PC stuff. Some vendors were selling old pentium
> boxes by the pallet full but nothing very interesting.
> I have only started looking right now so I will
> give it some time. Maybe after the holidays there
> will be more events. Any suggestions on where to look?
> I am in Amsterdam so I don't want to go too far away.
> Netherlands, Germany, Belgium are kinda local.
> Bill
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> > "William S ." wrote:
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> > > I will be heading to a computer market tomorrow
> > > in Amsterdam and am on the lookout for an
> > > IBM RS/6000 7012-3XX type box.
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