Pyramid 90x

From: Bill Pechter <>
Date: Sat Dec 22 11:34:01 2001

Here's what I know about the 90x... I haven't worked with
Pyramid gear in about 9 years so I may be dropping a few bits.

The machine loads COS the diagnostic software from an 80 track
96 tpi 5 1/4 disk. This contains the support software to
download the necessary code into the machine to make it boot.

The operating system is OS/x (a BSD 4.2 or 4.3 and SysV rel 2
or 3 hybrid). I'd love to get a machine running that around so
I could figure out how they do the dual universe stuff so I
could do it with FreeBSD.

I used to teach OS/x Operations, Sys Admin, Comm and such for
Pyramid and I also taught maintenance on their MIS series boxes.
I had a 98x (IIRC) in the office which was similar to the 90x.

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---- On Sat, 22 Dec 2001, Dan Cohoe ( wrote:
> I recently brought home a Pyramid 90x. The old owner who had 
run the
> machine at his work in the 80's bought it from his employer 
about 1990,
> but never got it set up at home. 
> Apparently he decided to dump it a few months ago, but 
because of its
> size didn't get the job done. However, he did put all of the 
> and the documentation on the curb for the garbagemen at that 
> Mike Kenzie and I got there just before he called the 
recyclers for the
> machine itself.
> What I need is a boot disk or other software and any 
documentation that
> might be out there. According to the old owner, it starts by 
> the
> boot program off the 8" floppy before it can find the fixed 
> Does anyone have anything for this machine?
> thanks,  Dan Cohoe
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