6502/Z80 speed comparison (was MITS 2SIO serial chip?)

From: Ben Franchuk <bfranchuk_at_jetnet.ab.ca>
Date: Sat Dec 22 05:44:23 2001

Richard Erlacher wrote:
> Let's leave compilers out of the equation. Even the same small-C compiler,
> targeted at the two quite different CPU's potentially represent a significant
> skew in favor of one or another of the two.
> Dick
How can you have skew? That is the whole idea of benchmark is to
two machines. I would expect that the simple C that was given would be a
good test
when judged with other benchmarks. The 8080/Z80/8086 all generate the
same poor
code. This surprised me as shows how poor the 16 bit intel product was.
The PDP-11
version was rather nice but it even has a few quirks.
Ben Franchuk --- Pre-historic Cpu's -- 
PS. Note all my FPGA machines generate nice 'Small C' code and have a
resonably orthogonal instruction set. The well hacked Small C compiler
self compiles under
24 KB. A similar compiler for the 8080 is about 48KB.
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