Multitech/Acer Micro-Professor info WTD

From: M H Stein <>
Date: Sun Dec 23 09:50:42 2001

Re AIM printers:

I assume you're talking about the 20 col printer and not the -40; I've got a pile of these (not
necessarily working, alas), but no markings on them other than Rockwell's. FWIW, the same
printer was used by National Semi in at least one of their printing calcs, and I used to snap
those up at junk shops for $5.00, a welcome discovery after having paid $150 ea for them from
Rockwell & Dynatem.

The 40 col model (very similar construction) was made in Japan, FWIW.

Maybe there's still a helpful old-timer at Dynatem who could help you out; also, I assume
you know that the AIM was disguised as a Siemens PC100 on the other side of the pond.


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From: "Philip Pemberton" <>
Subject: Multitech/Acer Micro-Professor info WTD

Just out of interest, what sort of printer mech does the AIM-65 use? I'm not
condoning the destruction of a perfectly good AIM-65 just to find this out,
but I would like to know (in case anyone has a parts list for the AIM).

Thanks again.
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