VS4000 hardware questions

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Date: Sun Dec 23 12:15:08 2001

I actually tried that with my vax and vms. No luck. It gave me the same
bomb as the wrong cdrom drive did. I have however done this several times
with Solaris on my Sparcstation though. For some reason, the sparc won't
boot from CDrom PERIOD. Even the rrd40 doesn't help this one.



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>On Sat, 22 Dec 2001, Alexander Schreiber wrote:

>> Reminds me of my V3100 - quite some trouble installing VMS on it too.
>> Reading the FAQs I guessed that any drive supporting 512 byte blocksize
>> should do. So I tried several Plextor drives and a Toshiba (all set to
>> 512 byte/block) - not much success, the VS3100 would start to boot and
>> after a drop a screenful of error message on me.

>A friend of mine came up with a good solution to this problem: If no
>bootable CDROM drive is available, use a second hard drive with enough
>space to accomodate a block-wise copy of the VMS installation CD (should
>be no more than 500 MB, but i have not checked lately). Use a Unix
>system to copy the VMS installation CD to this second HDD, then boot and
>install from that.


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