720k floppy

From: Michael Holley <swtpc6800_at_attbi.com>
Date: Sun Dec 23 22:25:45 2001

I have purchased new 720k floppies on eBay for about $25 per hundred. You
can also get them 10 at a time. These are also sold as 800k for Apple (same
media, different format).

The 1.44M diskettes have a different oxide than the 720k diskettes. The 720k
disks have one hole for write protect while the 1.44M has a second hole. The
new drives sense the hole and adjust the write current for the different
oxide. You can cover the extra hole on the 1.44M disks and formatted it as
720k but this will cause problems (I have been told).

I don't know about the Lisa 400k disks but I format 720k disks in single
density mode (360k) for my SWTPC 6800 system all the time.
Michael Holley

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> >I'd like to know where to find 400K floppies for my Apple Lisa.
> >-chandra
> Can't you simply format 720K or 1.44MB floppies as 400K ones? ISTR, I
> 720K ones on mine.
> Zane
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