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> Nope they were picking up early 'I love Lucy' shows by mistake.
> Anyhow I thought the V2 was the last ditch bomb of the war.

Several 'last ditch' things were attempted. Schmetterling (Butterfly) was a
radar guided SAM that fortunately never saw service. The Henschel HS893
glide bomb did, and was used in active service in the anti ship role. The
original version was first radio, then wire guided, with the operator
eyeballing the track from the launch aircraft. The switch to wire was made
after the Brits found it's R/C frequencies and jammed them. IIRC it was used
to sink at least one warship. The TV guided version never saw service, but
they did make it work, though not perfectly, and it inspired the Walleye
glide bomb and Maverick ASM amongst others. To fit a vaccuum tube tv camera
and transmitter into a small enough package using WW2 tech was a feat of
electronics never before attempted.

Geoff In Oz
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