Good way to archive system disks

From: Ernest <>
Date: Sun Dec 23 21:28:29 2001

The 8" disks might be a problem. I've never tried to hook 8" disks up to a
PC... not even an older one. However, teledisk works great with CP/M stuff
but like you said, you do need to have the same size floppy drives hooked to
your PC if you want the process to run smoothly. I think that teledisk
doesn't care about the read so much as the write back. I've made disk images
of many CP/M disks, and old software on 360K 5.25" disks in general, and I
never had problems with recreating the bootable disks as long as I use the
same size drives to read and write to. If you don't have an extra drive of
the size that you need (5.25" of some size,) it's worth hunting one down for
things like this.

I personally use an Amstrad 1512 to create my 360k disk images usually, and
then transfer them via laplink to my PC.

It might be possible to hook up the 8" drives to a PC but choose the 1.2 meg
5.25" option in bios but I don't know. It probably wouldn't work but I'll
let someone else confirm that.

Once you have the disk images, you can burn them to a cd, and recreate them
at will.


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> I'd like to create some archives of system diskettes for older machines,
> cp/m machines that use 5 1/4" 96 tpi double sided diskettes and 8"
> diskettes.
> What is a good way to do that? I've looked into Teledisk but that
> assumes that you can read the actual diskettes on a PC which I can't.
> Any suggestions?
> Thanks.
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