HP 1000E

From: Bill McDermith <bill_mcdermith_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Sun Dec 23 17:17:57 2001

Steve Robertson wrote:

> >
> >Most of the cards in the machine you ahve are pretty good -- the
> >HS terminal will let you connect to a crt or a serial PC port with
> >a terminal emulator...
> >
> I did find a HP cable with a 24 pin card edge connector on one end and a 25
> pin D connector on the other. The 25 pin connector only has a few pins in it
> (typical of HP serial cables) including 2, 3, 7, 13,and 25. I traced the
> wires back to where they would appear on the HS terminal card and it appear
> that I have the right cable for the box. At least I won't have to kludge
> togerther a cable. WhooHoo.
> I have plenty of dumb terminals laying around including a number of old HPs.
> So, based on your message, it sounds like I have everything necessary to
> make the computer "talk" to a terminal.

Sure, but you'll need something running on the box to talk to the terminal..
I do know that the BCS/SIO/Paper Tape stuff on Jeff's site will talk to
the buffered TTY interface, but don't know about the HS card...

> >If you would like, I can send you a real short program
> >that you can key infrom the console that makes the
> >lights blink...
> This would be great!

I'll sent it directly to you...

> Another question: I'm assuming the placement of the cards in the cage
> determines the "Address" or LU of the card. Does it matter which slots the
> cards go in or is there an accepted standard for this? Which slot does the
> HS terminal card (console) go in?

Yes. The slots are numbered, from 10B to 25B (In a 2100 anyway, the MX
may have more slots, but I don't thinks so... The B means Octal...) The
highest priority slot is 10B, and you won't want any empty slots between cards
or between 10B and the first card...

On Jeff's site, look at:


The 21MX is a "bigger,better" 2100 (it has additonal instructions)
but the IO system is quite similar...

> Thanks Again,
> SteveRob
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