From: Chris Kennedy <>
Date: Sun Dec 23 18:11:58 2001

William Donzelli wrote:

>>Did you get programmer's consoles with any of these machines?
> No (I assume you mean a switches-and-lights thing). Of the 1602Bs, two
> appear to be unused. The Loral machines are definitely unused (one is
> still sealed). The 1666B-S (does the "S" mean anything?) is definitely
> used, and is crammed with interface cards.

Wow. I'm officially envious :-) I'll have to poke around on the -S
designation -- I wasn't too involved with the 16-bit stuff during my
tenure at ROLM.

> Do all 1602Bs have core memory?

Yes. Many applications for the ROLM machines didn't include any
sort of mass storage; the intent being that the operating
system, applications and even file system were gen'ed into an
image that was loaded once into memory where it persisted in
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