Semi-OT: 32Mb SO-DIMMs available

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Tue Dec 25 01:26:39 2001

I thought I'd give folks a chance on these before I took them back. I
bought them labelled "SO-DIMMs for older Dell Laptops" - apparently, my
laptop is too old. What I have in my Latitude LM are what I think of
as SO-DIMMs - 36-pins, double-sided, no keying groove. What I have
appears to be for a Latitude CP machine. It _does_ have a keying
groove and a lot more pins... more than double.

One of these is new in the package, one has been opened (before I
got them). The part numbers on the DRAMs is D42S65165G5-A60-7JF.
The CDW part number is 118982, the Visiontek part number appears
to be 54073.0

If anyone is interested in a pair of 32Mb SO-DIMMs, contact me
off-list at If there's no interest, I can
take them back, but they'll hit me for a 10% restocking fee.


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