More... Re: VS4000 hardware questions

From: Doc <>
Date: Mon Dec 24 12:52:49 2001

On Sun, 23 Dec 2001, Robert Schaefer wrote:

> On a side note, if you plan to run NetBSD there is a little known
> misfeature: it will frob something in the flash that the prom doesn't like,
> and forever after (until someone finds out what it's tweaking and fixes it)
> it will throw a non-fatal error in (IIRC) SYS, which will (or so I've been
> told-- I don't run this machine just now) keep it from booting
> automatically. Starting VMS doesn't seem to fix it, altho there seems to be
> no other impact.

 It looks like you're saying that, having booted NetBSD, I can no longer
run the VS4000 headless? Right now, set to serial console, it won't even
post until I power up the serial terminal. And on this box, powering
down the VT420 is a guaranteed halt. Have I misconfigured something, or
am I stuck with this?
 The 3100 m38 autoboots NetBSD quite happily with no console attached.
Since the hardware notes at NetBSD didn't give any warnings, I sort
ofexpected the same.

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