I'm back!!!!

From: Ernest <ernestls_at_attbi.com>
Date: Mon Dec 24 07:57:17 2001

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> Ernest,
> I like the site. Where are you located that you acquired
> the items from Europe.
> The Televideo 950 Terminal looks alot like the
> DEC vt100 I once had and used with a 300 baud
> (or was it 1200 baud) external modem.
> Bill
> Amsterdam, NL

I'm located in Seattle. Many of the European systems that I
have were bought on ebay, and shipped over from where ever
they were bought from. However a few, like the Basis 108,
TA Alphatronic PC, and Olympia Olytext 20 were either bought
or found here in Seattle.

I love my Televideo 950. It's easily the best terminal that
I've ever laid fingers on. The sharp image on the screen is
really beautiful, and I had to fight with my co-worker when
I decided to take it home with me instead of leaving it attached
to the AS/400 that I was trying it out on. The IBM terminal that
came with the 400 was a painful to use after that, and it was
more than 12 years newer than my 950.

Does anyone know anything about that Pilara 2000. I can't find
any information about it anywhere. It seems to be one of a kind.

You are located in Amsterdam, right? Do you know of anyone who
might have a Luxor ABC 80 for sale or trade? It's a Swedish
computer but Amsterdam is a hell of a lot closer to Sweden than
Seattle. :)

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