I'm back!!!!

From: Pat Finnegan <pat_at_purdueriots.com>
Date: Mon Dec 24 10:52:00 2001

On Sun, 23 Dec 2001, Ernest wrote:

> Well, there were suddenly 37 active connections all trying to get it. Ouch.
> No wonder it bombed on you. Keep trying if you get a server busy error. The
> activity should slow down.
> Comments on the site, anyone?
> E.

OK, I'll bite since you DID ask...

Pretty good layout I'd say.

And I must say I love the use of IIS and Javascript... oh wait did I say
love? No, thats not the word... oh yes. I frown upon it.

I would wish that at least SOME geeks would avoid using sh*t software.
Even Apache on NT is better...


-- Pat

PS. Yes. I'm a Slackware Linux Zealot! http://www.slackware.com
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