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> IIRC, you could actaully download software from a Televideo Z80 CP/M
> computer onto those terminals and it would execute on the terminal (like a
> diskless box). However I could be thinking of a different Televideo
> terminal. My dad (an optometerist) had a few of those with the Televideo
> system for a database system, and when the computer went down, the
> terminals got sold off to another business still using the same system. :(
> I'd love to get my hands on one of those old beasts. If I'm really lucky
> I still have the manual for those terminals... though after my parents
> moved I'm not too hopeful.
That one is the Televideo 800 IIRC. It looks identical to the 950 but with
different electronics. Downloaded the operating system from a multiuser box.
I had several of them. I think I still have one of the Televideo 800
terminals in my storage locker.

Astoria, OR
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