What 's a 3Com 3c515 worth these days?

From: Ernest <ernestls_at_attbi.com>
Date: Tue Dec 25 10:05:58 2001

$20.00 is reasonable in my opinion, since these cards can be hard to find.
The problem that I ran into was finding drivers for them. I'm not sure if I
have a 515 or different one but the drivers were difficult or impossible to
find (for MSDOS) and the setup was arcane to say the least. On the other
hand, Linux might support the old stuff like this much better. What OS were
you hoping to use with the card?


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> Subject: What 's a 3Com 3c515 worth these days?
> There were very few *ISA* 10/100 NICs ever made. The 3C515 is one of
> them. One of the local junk shops has a couple behind the counter.
> They are marked $20. I have no idea if that's a reasonable price or
> if they are gouging (they also have some used RTC8139-based boards
> next to them for $7, for comparison).
> Holger Kruse was considering adding support under Miami for a 3C515
> on a GG2 Bus+, but at the time, 3c515 boards were unobtanium, and
> they wouldn't be fast, anyway. The only reason to really use an
> ISA 10/100 card is if you have a non-PCI machine, and your network
> infrastructure is 100 *only* (I have a 4-port 100BaseT hub from NetGear,
> for instance - it was cheap at the time).
> Just curious, but not curious enough to drop $20 up front.
> -ethan
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