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From: Huw Davies <Huw.Davies_at_kerberos.davies.net.au>
Date: Tue Dec 25 04:53:00 2001

At 05:08 AM 17/12/2001 -0600, Eric Dittman wrote:

>I'm guessing the Alphabook will still be faster than an emulated VAX
>on a 1GHz laptop, since that will probably be about the equivalent
>to a MV3600 (that's what the Charon emulator claims, IIRC). The
>Alphabook was a bit faster.

I'll do some performance comparisons when SIMH runs OpenVMS and no,
before you ask, I don't have an AlphaBook but I do have other Alpha
hardware that is likely to have similar performance.

>Still, once the IPF port is done, we should be able to take any
>standard IPF laptop and load OpenVMS IPF on it.

Indeedy, one of the best surprises of the IPF port but I suspect
the IPF laptops will be a) heavy, b) expensive, c) hot and d) have
a short battery life when run at full speed....

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