Penguin boxes (was: Re: MITS 2SIO serial chip?)

From: Ben Franchuk <>
Date: Tue Dec 25 02:19:27 2001

Ethan Dicks wrote:
> --- Ben Franchuk <> wrote:
> > You tell me how I can make $$$ and I will not move to seattle.
> > Deal? I could move to Antarctica and make linux boxes. Take a
> > penguin and stuff it in old 386. Stamp exported from 'Finland'.:)
> But we didn't export Linux boxes, we imported them. Actually, "co-opted"
> is probably a better term. I had to scrounge for a 486DX33 in 1995 to
> load Slackware Linux on a box over the winter. Mostly, peons had Dell
> 316SX machines and managers had generic 486SX25 and 486DX33 w/4Mb, 16Mb
> if you were "important". The only cool thing was that McMurdo has its
> own Class B address and it was trivial to put my Amiga on the 'net (no
> NAT!)
> I only had a 486 because I pulled a board out of stock and set it up naked
> on my workbench... we had power supplies, motherboards, network cards, etc,
> but no spare cases. It also kept my boss from giving my computer away to
> fix other people's problems in the short term. He had already given my
> desktop away three times when I resorted to a boxless box. The look on his
> face when he came around the corner to try it a fourth time was
> priceless...
> "...I need your PC for... Oh... nevermind..."
> -ethan

You could have always put in a rack and bolted it to your desk. :)

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