Found today ISD EPROM?

From: Dave McGuire <>
Date: Tue Dec 25 16:31:59 2001

On December 21, Tony Duell wrote:
> > Today I stopped at a thrift and found a Blue/White metal device made by
> > ISD and can't really figure it out. It has a place burn a chip and the
> > one in it is ISD 1016 AP; a four inch speaker at the top and on the
> IIRC the ISD... chips were non-volatile, speech-quality audio storage
> devices. Not digitised speech, they used different charge levels in
> E2PROM-like cells to store analogue qunatities.

  I've used these chips in a few projects recently. They work very well
and are easy to interface to PIC microcontrollers.

  Definitely neat stuff. I'm surprised they were able to get any sort
of amplitude range from those nonvolatile cells, but they seem to have
perfected it.


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