Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!

From: Doc <>
Date: Tue Dec 25 22:33:10 2001

On Tue, 25 Dec 2001, ajp166 wrote:

> I have a AMD5x86/133 that runs linux Xwin rather well in 16mb
> ram. I've run it on 486dx66 with 20mb ram and it's decent.

 you guys are making me feel a little spoiled with my Athlon 1.6 & 64M
graphics card. (Although I did get the video card for $20...)

 Nah, not really. Sometimes I *like* driving fast. ;^)

 Merry We-Lived-Through-It-Another-Year, you guys. Whatever you
celebrate, hope it was excellent.

 Last Xmas gift (off ebay, just ended): a tkz50 for 5.50 USD & shipping.
                  Time to quit gathering (for now) and play with it all.

 Best Xmas gift: a 2-foot-tall black-&-purple-striped Dr. Seuss Cat Hat.
                 Life's way too short to take it seriously.

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