After Xmas Sale 11/44 wanted

From: John Lawson <>
Date: Wed Dec 26 03:43:53 2001

  Okay, just bear with me. At one time I had Dec By The Ton. I had Systems
in every room of the house save the Loo, because I was afraid the steam
from the shower would hurt Things. And, in the Fulness of Time, I sold
my Ton's O' Dec Stuff (and everything else for that matter) and took a job
in a Furrin Country.

  My contract is ending, and I am not going to renew it. I will return to
the US to take up yet another New Life in February.

  "So what's yer point? Get *on* with it, already..."

  AHEM.. I of course found out that anyone can bury themselves in
hardware with no problem at all. That being said, I can't help the fact
that I'd like to own a System again. I'd like to buy (and ship) a
*WORKING* PDP-11/44 system of some description. Ideally, I'd like to have
a >1MW machine with EIS and CIS, one (or two) RL02s, an RX02, and an SMD
of some reasonable capacity... four or eight serial lines, and a 9 Track
drive w/interface, LA36 and a real VT100 (or two or three)... operating
system of course to be wiped completely off any media and I'll write my
own in assembler. ;}

  Again, the machine has to be basically working, ie. booting an OS from
mass storage without regular hiccups/glitches. My wish includes media and
doc, engineering prints, etc. Major assemblies for spare parts is also on
the List. I don't expect find the whole thing in one place (wouldn't
*that* be nice) but the core components have to already integrated and
'playing well' with each other. That would be CPU, SMD, RL02, SLU and
enough room on the backplane to flesh it out further.

  I am willing to spend money on this, but on a strictly hobbyist level.
I'll be relocating to the Southwest, most likely Arizona, but my schedule
will be flexible for making rescue roadtrips.


  ATTN: classiccmp hams... I will be at Dayton this year... let's
organize a classiccmp QSO... whatsay????

  I thought to give a heads-up to anyone in the (sort-of) western US as to
my Wishlist. I am not interested in any other models than the /44, and,
if I can control the addiction this time, I'll stick with a single nicely
restored and well-maintained System, rather than a house full of racks
gathering dust.

  Why do I feel like I just fell of the Wagon??


 Cheerz Y'all

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