[geeks] IBM RS/6000 7012-3XX

From: Christopher Smith <csmith_at_amdocs.com>
Date: Wed Dec 26 08:53:02 2001

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> Either have a key or "mknod /dev/big_screwdriver" and be handy with a
> soldering iron. The key not only locks the cabinet, but controls the
> boot sequence. You need it.

I imagine one could fit a switch in place of the keylock, if you really

> Some things you will want to consider.
> The 320 & 32h need proprietary serial cables. I can supply pinouts.
> They, as well as a few others, also have a proprietary external SCSI
> interface. It looks like a 68-pin connector, but it's not.

Reminds me of the interface on the MicroVAX 3100 machines, which also looks
like a 68-pin connector, and it is(!), but it's a SCSI-1 interface.



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