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From: Christopher Smith <>
Date: Wed Dec 26 10:09:34 2001

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> Help does nothing really useful. What I'd like to know for
> instance, is
> how do I set the vax to do an unattended boot. It has been
> stuck at a two
> stage boot since before I even got an OS on it. It powers
> on, self-tests,
> boots to a second-level CLI, I type C for Continue and there we go.

Actually that's probably a problem with your default boot options. Those
are AFAIK unique depending on the system you're booting, and as such ought
to be handled in the O/S documentation.

> A prom manual would tell me how to get rid of the second-level cli.

See above -- I'm not so sure. :)

All else aside, though, you may consider checking the values of all the
built-in variables for obvious problems.



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