OT: Older inventory programs for home computers

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<< A local general purpose mechanic who mainly works on Ski-doos in the
 winter and pumps and everything else in the summer gave me a complete
 Adam (!) collecting dust on the shelf, when I told him I collect computers.
 mentioned he could use an old box to keep track of his parts inventory if I
 had any spares. I volunteered to supply him with something that would serve
 simple needs thinking of everything from a C-64 to an A2 or an XT to a 386
 and that there must be 100s of programs that would be available. And no I
 don't want to configure a Database program.
  I did a Google search and found only the newest Gee-Whiz Winblows 9x,
 2k, XP, and OSX programs, and while I haven't searched Simtel, out of
 frustration I've decided to defer to the list about older programs to track
 inventory and if it also has billing and labour, so much the better.
  Any suggestions would be appreciated. It would serve as an example that
 older machines don't have to be delegated to land-fills. This area is in
 central Manitoba,Canada and not exactly a hotbed of technology. The
 temperature at present is -20 C, but the air is breathable. >>

I do have an inventory prorgam with pretty modest system requirements, but
pretty much seems to be designed for home inventory and such.
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