One More PCB Dishwasher Question

From: lee courtney <>
Date: Thu Dec 27 09:03:42 2001

Hi all,

The thread on cleaning cards by running them through
the dishwasher was timely as I am resurrecting an
HP3000/XE. The system came from Pacific Pipe in
Oakland and is the *filthest* system I have ever seen.
The "computer room" on the second floor was left open
to the work yard and all matter of dirt, dust, grime
etc was sucked into the CPU, disc drive and tape. The
CPU boards literally had a layer of grime covering

Of course since this was an HP box it booted right up
even though it was basically "clogged".

Many of the HP cards have paper stickers indicating
part number, revision, etc. Any thoughts on preserving
these through a dishwasher cycle? Or should I just
gently hand rinse? THanks!

Lee Courtney

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