OT: Older inventory programs for home computers

From: Bryan Pope <bpope_at_wordstock.com>
Date: Thu Dec 27 06:57:09 2001


        Check out http://www.ia4u.net/~maurice and click on "Software Ordering
Information". There is a software package for the C64 called "Invoice
Writer II"

        The programmer of this software is also an auto mechanic.


> A local general purpose mechanic who mainly works on Ski-doos in the
> winter and pumps and everything else in the summer gave me a complete
> Adam (!) collecting dust on the shelf, when I told him I collect computers. He
> mentioned he could use an old box to keep track of his parts inventory if I
> had any spares. I volunteered to supply him with something that would serve
> simple needs thinking of everything from a C-64 to an A2 or an XT to a 386
> and that there must be 100s of programs that would be available. And no I
> don't want to configure a Database program.
> I did a Google search and found only the newest Gee-Whiz Winblows 9x,
> 2k, XP, and OSX programs, and while I haven't searched Simtel, out of
> frustration I've decided to defer to the list about older programs to track
> inventory and if it also has billing and labour, so much the better.
> Any suggestions would be appreciated. It would serve as an example that
> older machines don't have to be delegated to land-fills. This area is in north-
> central Manitoba,Canada and not exactly a hotbed of technology. The
> temperature at present is -20 C, but the air is breathable.
> Lawrence
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