Happy Holidays!

From: Robert Schaefer <rschaefe_at_gcfn.org>
Date: Thu Dec 27 18:26:40 2001

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> I was sympathizing with the checkout chick at home-depot today... Can you
> imagine working someplace that plays christmas music 24 hours a day, 7
> days a week, since mid November?!!!???!
> On the other hand (and to bring us slightly closer to topic), I got my
> 200Amp load center installed and wired up. Now I just need to get an
> inspection (ummmm.... Yup, thats a load center.... Your wire is the
> improper shade of red, you'll have to replace it all...), and get PSCo
> out to hook the feed wire up. Then I'll have an extra 80Amps to run
> VAXEN!!!!!!

Ahhh, we don't need no steekin' inspections. Around here the meter cans
used to be supplied for free by the power company, and if you have a plug-in
meter, there's no need to even bother them about it... Just pop the meter
out, tear out the old stuff, stich in the new, and plug the meter back in.
The meter maid will generally stick a new seal on it the next time they come
around to read it.

it's easy to tie it in yerself, too. Just remember to not touch two wires
at once, and use a fiberglass (or wood-- uhg!) ladder.

I did a service upgrade when we bought this place. The old service was
basically 30A, and I have more load than that in VAXen alone! I called
every week for three weeks prior to make sure the power company'd come out
on the weekend to put the new meter in, including the sat. morning before I
tore the old one off. I'm sure you can see where this is heading already!
When I called for the new meter, the chick said `Oh, we don't do that on the
weekend.' Boy, was I hot! Fortunantly, I had already popped the madisons
in the meter socket, so we were on free power. After I mentioned that to
her, she seemed to make a lot more effort to get the service guy out to put
the meter in. ^_^ Ya know, that old lineman spent about ten minutes
cutting off the mechanical butt splices I had installed and crimping on some
hipress lugs. It took me 45 minutes to install them the first time!

What I'd really like is a 20KVA UPS, like Brian's. That's big enough to run
my whole house!

> Clint


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