Aim65 Haul/housecleaning

From: Richard A. Cini, Jr. <>
Date: Thu Dec 27 13:54:48 2001

Hello, all:

        Happy holidays to all!

        I made a quick stop in Northern New Jersey this morning for a load of AIM65
stuff from a guy who used to manufacture a custom insurance rating computer
that used the AIM as the base board. In short, this is what I got:

        * 8 AIM65 main boards in various states of cannibalism. 5 have displays.
Different manufacturing dates, one a late-model with two high-density RAM
chips in place of the 2114s.
        * Bag of printer parts and about 5 printers in various stages of
        * Case+ of paper
        * 2 Memory Plus boards
        * 1 EPROM programmer
        * 5 spare keyboards, all missing keys
        * 3 metal bases
        * 5 blow-molded case tops
        * Assembly hardware and related items
        * 4 full tubes of 2114 RAM chips
        * 7 full tubes of 2532 EPROMS

        I will be "auctioning" off to the group the bases and tops as well as some
of the main boards. I will keep a small amount of the spares for my own AIM
and all of the chips.

        I also have three books up for grabs:

        * A Programmer's Viwe of the Intel 432 System (Organick)
        * Inside Commodore DOS (Immers)
        * MicroC/OS-II RTOS book with disk (Labrosse)

        If anyone is interested in any of the three case sets, some of the spare
keyboards or main boards or any of the books, please contact me off-list.


Rich Cini
Collector of classic computers
Build Master for the Altair32 Emulation Project
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