Booting a VAX 4000-500 from KFQSA SCSI.... ARRRRRGH!!!!!

From: Eric Dittman <>
Date: Thu Dec 27 16:24:32 2001

> I'm getting conflicting information regarding the ability to boot the 4000
> from SCSI devices attached to the KFQSA SCSI adapter. Some people say you
> can't do it, some say they actually have done it.
> I have a DEC RRD-43AA CD-ROM drive, and have it connected to an external
> SCSI box with a cable from it to the KFQSA adapter. Onboard the 4000 are
> two DSSI drives.
> The 4000 is able to recognize and assign device identifiers to the ethernet
> port and the two DSSI drives, but has no clue ragarding anything attached
> to the SCSI (KZQSA) card.

Is it a KFQSA or a KZQSA? If it is the KFQSA, then it is a DSSI controller,
not a SCSI controller.
Eric Dittman
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