SCO Open Desktop (was Re: Interesting find today!)

From: Frank McConnell <>
Date: Fri Dec 28 08:12:10 2001

Chad Fernandez <> wrote:
> I found a box of SCO Open Desktop 2.0.0. I don't know anything about

At Wollongong, we had this installed on a ca. 1991 Compaq, something
like a 386/20, with a monochrome VGA display. And yes, it did get
most of its bits from the tape; we had an Everex QIC drive of some
sort attached. I remember going through some grief to get it
configured (more preceisely, re-configured after some biscuit of a QA
engineer installed TWG's TCP/IP then decided he needed SCO's TCP/IP,
which of course forced re-installation of the whole thing), but it was
long enough ago to be on topic here and I no longer remember the
details, except that I wrote them down and taped the paper to the tape
drive which is long gone.

Open Desktop is a SCO/Motif flavored X GUI. If you really want to use
the GUI stuff, give it more oomph than Wollongong did: it was
painfully slow on that Compaq. Along about 1995 the system was being
used more for testing a "SCO ANSI" terminal emulation and I worked out
how to make it not start X on boot, and it continued running that way
(off in a corner with almost no attention) until April 1999 when
Attachmate shut down the former Wollongong offices.

-Frank McConnell
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