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From: Jeff Hellige <jhellige_at_earthlink.net>
Date: Fri Dec 28 11:25:08 2001

>Again, SGI was likely the only thing you could get as recently as "less than
>ten years ago" that had the graphics power for even the "modeling" stage.
>People have begun to take 3d acceleration for granted now that they have
>their Matrox GWhiz 5, or their Nvidia TTL 3, or whatever. :) Nobody stops
>to think where people got the power to do the kinds of operations for which
>these things allow you to use a standard (read: piece of junk ;) intel
>peesee (and more) several years past.

        Of course, Amiga's running Imagine or Lightwave 3D have been
used for years to do serious rendering and animation, including as
part of large render farms. They've largely fallen out of favor at
this point due to their age, but well into the 90's they were used
quite a bit, including a number of high-profile products and films.

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