How much should I pay for a Decstation VT78?

From: Doc <>
Date: Fri Dec 28 19:12:37 2001

On Fri, 28 Dec 2001, Tony Duell wrote:

> >
> > I have the opportunity to acquire a Decstation VT78 (basically a PDP-8
> > crammed into a VT52 terminal) but the price seems a bit steep. I've
> > been looking for one for abut 2 years and this is the first one I've
> > come across. It doesn't include the cart or any drives. Any thoughts
> > on how high I should go?
> How much do you want it, and more importantly how much can you afford?

 In my private universe, the value/price criteria are wildly different
for toys & collections than for tools or "inventory".
 Obviously, I'm not going to pay the $500 they're asking in the
newsgroups for a used XBox when I can go to WalMart and buy one for $299
new. (OK, I'm not paying the $299 either. Or $2.99)
 But the toys we play with aren't Walmart items, and a lot of times
future availability is uncertain at best. For me the equation is
something like:

new_value/1000 * months_looking * cool_factor = $willing_to_pay

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