VAX/VMS and Sysgen addresses

From: Bill Pechter <>
Date: Sat Dec 29 16:08:38 2001

> A little later on I was involved in moving some peripherals between Qbus
> VAXen running VMS. I remember pulling an MSCP-type disk controller card
> and having the tape drive disappear. Because when you had fewer disk
> controllers then VMS expected to see other controllers at different
> addresses. And there was no way to tell it 'Look you stupid thing, the
> tape controller is at addrsss xxxxxxx'. I had to reset the address
> switches/jumpers on just about every card in the system.
> > Again, don't laugh too hard, I hope this message helps others who are
> > "Unibus Ignorant"....
> My only other worry is that surely your machine is a Q-bus box???
> -tony

Actually, Tony you could go into VAX/VMS sysgen and give the address and
vectors for almost anything and have them work... the trick may have
been with the MSCP type card which has a programmable vector which may
have conflicted with something else, but in VMS 2.x-4.2 manual sysgens
could allow almost any devices to coexist...


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