VAX 4000-200's on

From: Jochen Kunz <>
Date: Sat Dec 29 07:26:24 2001

On 2001.12.28 17:17 Robert Schaefer wrote:

> And, keep in mind that I got my VAX 6310 with 32MB ram, RA82, RA92, &
> TU81+ for free, which is a much larger machine.
I also got my MV4k200 for free. I know the person that bought the EPay
MV4k200. I still can not belive that he is willing to pay that price.

> (Bigger is better, right? :)
Yes. That is the reason why I spend around EUR 100,- for a fat MV3500
with lots of RAM, disks and other peripherals in a "big boy" 19" rack.

> I forwarded a post to classiccmp from c.o.v regarding "Looking for new
> home: VAX6620 + VAX6530 cluster" located in Zurich--
I saw that. A friend had already contacted the owner at that time but
the machines where gone. Sad. A VAX 6[56].0 is a really nice machine.

> I don't know how close that is to you,
Around 4h by car? And an other friend lifes in .ch-land, only 1h....
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