Tape drive needed

From: Geoff Reed <geoffr_at_zipcon.net>
Date: Sat Dec 29 16:18:22 2001

QIC-2GB* 42 tracks
QIC-1000 30 tracks
QIC-525 26 tracks
QIC-150 18 tracks
QIC-120 15 tracks
QIC-24 9 tracks

any of the above compatible drives should be able to read a QIC24 format tape

Archive, Wangtec, Tandberg all made drives of this format, Tecmar also
marketed one, but I think it was a Wangtec mechanism.

At 03:08 PM 12/29/01 -0500, you wrote:
>I think Qic-24 refers to it being 9-tracks, but maybe there is more too
>it..... other wise Qic-9 would seem to be the more appropriate name :-)
>Your drive won't do me, since it is a Qic-02 interface. Thanks anyway.
>Chad Fernandez
>Michigan, USA
>Russ Blakeman wrote:
> >
> > Not sure what QIC 24 is, what drives use it, etc but I have a CaliPer
> > CP150AE drive (5.25" unit with latch type drop down door) that I pulled
> from
> > a Mountain Filesafe 7150 that I needed the power supply from. If it will
> > work for you, or anyone else, it's up for adoption for the cost of
> shipping.
> >
> > A search for CP-150AE on Google turns up that this is a "Caliper CP-150AE
> > 150/250 MB 5.25" HH QIC-02 interface 1/4" cartridge tape drive internal" so
> > I guess anyone that needs one of these should email me directly as soon as
> > possible - I'm in the middle of clearing shop space and it's destined to go
> > with the trash after the 1st of the year if not claimed.
> >
> > It weighs about 4 lbs and can be mailed. My guess is that shipping outside
> > the US would be expensive.
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