Seagate ST32550N vs Quantum XP32150 - which is better?

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Date: Sat Dec 29 12:56:09 2001

> I prefer Quantum drives myself, but I guess it's more like the debate
> between Ford and Chevy. I have only one Seagate, in this Linux machine
> and it works just as well as all of my Quantums. I'm more leery of the
> new drives, as they seem not to have the quality of just a couple years
> ago. Guess it is the marketing arm of Maxtor now driving quality.
> Gary Hildebrand

Maxtor is good maker.

I rest your worries, I work part time for years for pc shop is
selling machines with all kinds of HDs, IBM, Qs, Maxs, Seagates, WDs
etc. We recently kicked out WD lineup from our new machines due to
quality, compatiablity issues (very serious), Q lineup shrank to
uselessness due to LCTs and CX-KA era screwups by our supplier, but
newer ones like KX, KS and Max's Qs are good so far but no longer

Max and IBM are what we have left to choose from for using with new
machines and parts we sell. Dodged the 75GXP bullet since we
couldn't sell these at prices customers is willing to pay for given
capacity till IBM came out with 60GXP and Max w/ 7200rpm. Prices
on both went below $200 for 20GB are what we able to include them
with our new systems and for parts.

So far for last 4 years we have good record regearding the Max, Q and
IBM (aside from 75GXP we didn't use due to prices back then).

What drives us nuts we cannot get IDE Seagate drives from that same
suppiler that used to sell those in past till 9GB years ago.
Seagate are also good drives but we cannot obtain them. I'm
mystified at that change.

Makers should have kept selling 5GB to 15GB range because our
customer base are still using 486, pentiums and older machines, and
many are unwilling to jump for low-end 20GB for their machines to
replace overstuffed HD or ones that failed. Even the low end 20GB
5.4K rpm is decently inexpesnive but these will cause problems in
these older machines. FYI: Used little HDs (2GB to 10GB) ones are
in demand around here and our used HD shelf of those kind are bare
and the other supplier specializing in selling pulls or NOS on
older parts dried up or disappeared.


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